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Written by Vivian Kolars
1918 - 2001

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During Her Later Years
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Research for the 1994 Haddam "Frontier Days" play led me to the city clerk's book for 1901-02, the years of the all-women governing body--and I was hooked on Haddam history. Eventually I read--and typed voluminous notes for my son David--from all the books, starting with 1895 up to 1994. Fun--but not easy reading because of handwriting (ornate, plain, faded, typed), sometimes original word spellings, omitted words, and often a complete lack of punctuation, plus capital letters any which way, plus my eyesight problem.
Throughout the books pages, quotation marks indicate the exact words used by the clerk of judge in the entries, with no corrections or changes on my part.

The most complete history of Haddam, its settlers, problems, development, and important events, was written by Dora Brown--"Haddam's Hundred," 1869-1969. That book is out of print, so a very brief summary is included here.


Quite a few of the civil and criminal cases seem humorous to us today, but they were filed in all seriousness. If a relative--or you!--should appear herein, please accept that you are a part of Haddam's history and appreciate that fact. In actuality, entries were usually copied because they were unusual, funny--or had names I recognized.
The final section, from micro-film at the Washington Historical Museum, has tidbits of information. If someone wants to do another book, use those old newspapers as the source--they're habit-forming. Since I couldn't read them, my "research assistant" was Jeaane Arbuthnot, who strained both her eyes and her back for me.
Dates are given for almost everything included here, should someone want to check the original books; where relevant, names were used--at times what was done was more important than who did it.
Hope you enjoy this material as much as I--not a native Haddamite--did.

Vivian Kolars, Author
(Editors Note: Vivian Kolars passed away in November 2, 2001.)

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