In August 2019 we, in Haddam, will celebrate our 150th birthday celebration. . . . . . Plan to spend it with us . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Welcome To Haddam, Kansas

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December 2018 Haddam Events Calender

The Cookbook Committee is assembling a cookbook with recipes and stories of our families as a tribute to Haddamites, past and present.
How to submit recipes and stories
Listed are links to see what Haddam is and what Haddam once was.
Haddam City Cemetery
Haddam High Graduates
Haddam Government
Playground Photos
Alumni History
Geodetic Survey
Early Mail Delivery
Stirring up Memories
City Services
Letter - Out of the Past
1901 Haddam Jail
Merchant Free Shows
Trivia and Main Street
More Historic Jail
Maple Tree in Haddam
Haddam Churches
United Methodist Church
Church of Prophecy
Photo Album I
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Depot and Clipper Leader Photos
Publication of Ordinances
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There Are Only Two Cities in the United States with the name of Haddam. Our Haddam(Kansas) and Our Namesake Haddam, Connecticut.

Whether you are visiting our web site for information purposes, current events, genealogy, history or a trip down memory lane, we are glad you came.
Haddam, Kansas is located in North Central Kansas, three miles north of Highway 36 between Belleville and Washington. We are approximately ten miles south of the Kansas–Nebraska border.

Haddam City Hall

     The Haddam City Hall is an important part of our community. It is the only building in town spacious enough to accommodate large groups of people such as reunions, dinners, events, benefits, and funeral lunches.
     It is also our polling place, USDA commodities distribution site, and meeting place for a variety of groups. Thirty years have passed since this grand 1912 building has seen new paint or repairs.
     In the summer of 2019, Haddam will turn 150 years old and we want to be ready to celebrate! The Community Club wishes to renovate the City Hall before the birthday celebration. Any donations will be greatly appreciated and should be made to Haddam Community Club.
Mail contributions to:
      Haddam Community Club
       c/o Micki Zenger
      1101 Elmer Street
      Haddam, KS 66944
Thank you for your support.

Order Forms - Books About Haddam
A Book About Haddam"Remember When"
A Book About Haddam"Heritage"

Proposed Bylaws Revision of 2019
Proposed By-Laws Page 1
Proposed By-Laws Page 2
Proposed By-Laws Page 3
2007 Bylaws Being Amended
Old Bylaws Page 1
Old Bylaws Page 2
Old Bylaws Page 3


City Hall Haddam
In 2017 the city office was moved to the former bank building. Office hours have been established with the city clerk available for walk-ins or phone calls.
Cell phones for the mayor and city clerk are listed.
Haddam Mayor: Steve Zenger
Haddam City Clerk: Pam Buehler
City Hall Days Open: Mon/Wed/Thurs.
Coty Hall Hours Open: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Mailing Address:
    P.O. Box 25, Haddam, KS 66944
Street Address:
   501 Main Street, Haddam, KS 66944
E-mail Addresses:
   City Clerk:
City OfficeE:
   Office: 785-778-2222

785-556-9140 Mayor Cell Phone
785-778-3415 City Clerk Home
785-527-0419 City Clerk Cell

Mayor at City Hall
Steve Zenger, Haddam Mayor

If you lived in Haddam during the time the CB&Q Railroad ran through Haddam you would have seen the depot and perhaps met the station manager, Victor Hugo Mason. Pictures were submitted by his grandson. Also, submitted is a scanned copy of the Haddam Clipper Leader. The pictures will stir up some memories for Haddamites who remember both the depot and our newspaper.
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